A harbinger in La Jolla.

photo by RMF. aka Roberto M. Fabris I do not believe in fate although I would easily admit sometimes life…

ECRIRE, dit-elle.

photo Roberto Fabris à Paris. #nikon1j, #garçondequoiécrire, #lablanche, #lapageblanche

Sémiologie de la Mode

la mode est aussi un signal esthétique (en principe) fort parfois violent socialement ou voire clair politiquement au sens figuré…

going to Prado museum.

Olivier in Madrid. photo_roberto_à_paris two pages of a manuscript excerpt from my novel soon to be published (that’s the idea).

my scrapbook of the day

my first cup of coffee . Photo_Roberto_A_Paris around the globe, Paris, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore , thanks media for Angelina’s…

_do you know La Jolla? I do.

A excerpt of my first novel. Hotel pad writings at the pink stucco La Valencia. La Jolla California . photo_roberto_a_paris


This picture is a metaphore of how we still have considered innovation in many companies in 2017 and therefore I…