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and the story goes…

first let me start with that statement, I am in love with America, would I say Americas, stressing on the double”s” like the first year I lived as a young fashion designer in New York, working for Mr. Ben Shaw on 7 Ave, “The cut throat avenue” as he told me they’ve nicknamed it…Remembering when I asked a yellow cab driver “would you please drive me to Avenue of the Americass?” I would pronounced “à la française“.

Albeit the cabdriver asked me if I wasn’t a spaniard. How fun, being half french half italian, at that time back then, and thinking my ancestors where venetian aristocrates mar I was p…ed off
Sure now it’s different I like any idea around nationality, whatever nation, I mean any culture will do and to be taken for a spaniard by a cabdriver would be as great as any other nationalty! I like Spain a lot, and I shall write about a strange encounter with a cabdriver in Paris once…This time who thought I was a greek man, ahaha LoL because my name finishes with “is”.

I can resemble any gentleman of the world. I never stopped trying to speak english as good as I can, french or italian, and I am still lecturing all around the globe in my homegrown pidgin actually.I always stress american-english, finding it has that real el sabor latino, latin flair and it’s more international, I still not familiar with the english drawl, a little bit snobbish to me.
But I like to go to London, by the way. And though I have lived in Los Angels, Tokyo, and Singapore, I have been to Japan more than a 100 times since 1983, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, La Jolla, Santa Fe, Wahington DC, Milano, Firenze, Bologna, Venezia, Udine, Paris, Amsterdam , Oslo, Moscow, Vladivostok, etc. I do like to come back to the Big Apple every other year…Thanks gods I can do that and I enjoy it!

So as I wish to write some day let’s to publish my novel Røman. I decided to start with posting some ephemera

 and I shall see later how it turns out to be! Roberto M. Fabris.Why not peep at my other blogs:

20111203-043506.jpgYou may like to read more about…


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