vine arch hometown urban staging. photo_roberto_a_paris

In french “les vendanges” is taking place between end of august and mid-september for most of the vineyards except late harvest for xtra ripe grapes giving sweet white wines we call “vendanges tardives” which means late harvest.

Then in october we celebrate the end of this festive and active period in the vineyards and cellars we call the last days “la Paulée” (shovel) for the last shovel of harvested grapes. La Paulée de la Côté Chalonnaise famous for its Givry, Rully, Mercurey, Montagny, Bouzeron and is a time to drink wines and taste the excellent food of the best chefs in France like Guy Burtin from L’Amaryllis or stroll in the street of South Burgundy my country. The country of best Chardonnay white wines and Pinot Noir red wines. RMF. #paulée, #vendanges, #lacotechalonnaise, #paulee2017, #guyburtin, #amaryllisrestaurant, #chardonnay, #pinotnoir, #alligoté, #gamay, #biurgognedusud.


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