Apparently, nothing’s sad about the ultra posh lil dinner set at lavish high rise Paris top restaurant by newly appointed Louis style french president and wife Emmanuel Macron and Bibi.
“Sad” refers to a recent comment by extravagantly appointed american president Donald Trump. He did it recently while quoting his best buddy the now famous yet elusive Jim a so called France tourist fan.
Anyhow, everything is forgotten now at Tour Eiffel, as the chef of chef de France Alain Ducasse that I found bashful not to say a little bit clumsy yesterday nite as he was waiting on line to be introduced to The Trumps, treated our dear American friends to the summum of cuisine française. Well lobster and caviar was listed on the menu to please the Trumps, none-the-less we are quite sure the dinner was excellent. Hope so, albeit the roses were a bit to big and too pink to my own taste, giving a “girlie” atmosphere that should be the expected one, diplomatically wise. Beside all comments I like Melania’s stylish belt, blend, rouge, sleek designer dress, but I am not found of the micro pattern Bibi Macron is sporting there. rmf (we thank french media for nice pic)


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