Brand yourself



roberto fabris
logo Roberto Fabris

The art of branding yourself.

Some years ago, oops many years ago a weird frenzy crossed my mind I need to brand myself. Sure I was a fashion designer, since the beginning of my career I started as a designer from day one, so trying to find a logo was quite “normal” or compulsory.


To me a logo is a résumé of who you are, what is doing your company, basically make people understand at once who are you.

On this montage pic, I’ve shown different images I like more than I think they in a way or another represent my style, my personality. Who knows? May be psychology would tell …

Things, a menswear label, an ebony Ashanti symbol from Ivory Coast where I lived with my family, the brass anvil part of the Fabris family coats of arm in Venice It., my flat desk and some spirit stones as I was dwelling in Lavender a district I love in Singapore, a gondola ferro or bow something dear to my italian education to remind me where I am coming from, a craft men origin : the Fabris.

all photos and hand designed or embodied logos, labels, by Roberto Fabris trade mark. (disclaimer thanks media for pic if not mine) #gondola, #anvil, #coatsofarm, #spiritstone, #logo, #brand, #f, #robertofabris




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