Emmanuel Macron, vive la France! Vive le parisianisme*!

(disclaimer thanks media for picture)

What you have to know is at least we are ending a year long battle of pseudo-politic and now it’s ok for 5 years. Ah yes but no, we have so many other elections in France, like the next ones for one of the two high chambers, l’Assemblée Nationale which is running France legal palliaient with the chief of state, prime minister and his majority.

Okay it’s not at all my forte, too far away from fashion, Photography and design some where.

I just proposed you a picture of our democratic republic at 17 when they met with his philosophy teacher at school Brigitte Trogneux who is 24 years his senior. But I guess she is also like a pundit or a mentor for our new appointed president of the executive.

He is not a self-center guy, the other extremist opponent try in a desperate strategy to make him get out of cool temper he usually shows in public but she failed and doing so compromised at 99% her own success the following days after a catastrophic TV show.

He is rather middle-class educated and achieved (haute) école d’administration ENA, ante-chamber/preparation to great administration positions, which my dad did years ago, well it’s okay to manage/run politically people and places. with a kind of etiquette call it ethics.

Let’s give him a chance. Oops I forgot to tell you a year ago nobody knew who he was not even heard about him ever, and 3 moths ago we didn’t know he actually could be a president of France, which in a way accredits the “Trump Effect”. rmf

*next time I will talk about what is le parisianisme, a sort of public/private posh and powerful coterie in our capital

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