my premier novel, no my first one.

I do manuscripts it’s my flaw. ph.roberto

Hum what to tell you if not the truth about me ugh no about my main character in this novel. But I didn’t say anything about the pitch.

The story is a real story, why didn’t I try to publish it before now? Easy, I was a little bit afraid of upsetting the friend who’s life inspired me enough to write it down. Isn’it what every single writter do? Getting inspired by the world around him and try to share his own version of the story? In this case it’s much more about sharing my impressions.

Ah but how do we imagine the story is interesting enough to be told? We do not know.

The following disclaimer is an excerpt more than an attempt to delimit any right or to encompass the the risk of unravelling such a compelling story for legal matters. No, it’s just that hurting someone isn’t part of my general attitude toward people.

…what is know about Røman’s life, his life before now, with very few exceptions, is based on some friends accounts and vague reminiscences. Some of the details sounds like having been embellished over with time and others expurgated.
Informations about the years he spent with Saule, his so called best friend, are more reliaable because they come from published documents. But other sources and lovers, friends, acquaintances or family memories, did he really have a family? are not reliable.rmf


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