the papier-mâché theater.

This vintage photo is reminding me the one I had and praised like a true treasure as a child.

The title of my post reminds me also the Glass Menagerie written by Tennessee Williams. Which about a set of little characters or animals instead made of glass, like his mother had one my mom had one because my family is from Venice, Italy where you can buy them at any corner of the laguna city of Doge.

I liked it so much, sure my dad was the type of man to talk about classic theater play from Racine to Shakespeare or Comedia dell’Arte and therefore he surely gave me the taste for setting and plot and moving around the little characters in different backgrounds.

It may explain why I did fashion shows later as a designer and AD, who knows ? It’s all about rather than a set we called tha background a catwalk, characters are called models, etc. With the internet every one knows how a fashion show is set, doesn’t he?
Photo credit thks media.


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