my very first text indeed a short script still I was in my teens

the praxyteles gala


She had just stepped into the stately villa getting suddenly the intuition that life would be as he wanted it to be for Charles Pierre her fiancé wasn’t the kind of man to live a day to day life.
Gala was trying hard to hide her hectic feeling about the impressive albeit quiet luxury around there
Yet she couldn’t stop staring at a greek sculpture in the marble entrance hall, a mesmerizing though sightless Venus was standing tall at the foot of the stairs. The whole place was as cold as its Carrare crystallin white marble.

Charles Pierre broke the monastical silence, he could only respect the obsolete splendor of the house, his nature was contrasting against the peaceful though rigid atmosphere
-Gala, do you want a tour of the villa?
-No! Another time maybe, let’s have a drink, would you share a Manhattan with me?

One could hear the waves in the background breaking on the lonely coral sand beach where massive rock shadows were threatening shapes in the exotic landscape. Gigantic palmtrees were rustling at the whims of the breeze.

Gala walked out to the huge roman mosaic terrasse, a damp air was penetrating and made her quivered. Her sheer silk dress fluttered in the light wind. She could hear again the rhythmic breach of the waves on the sturdy body of the yacht. Gala’s mind was going darker and darker.

Now that the large windows of the villa were disappearing in thick haze, Gala had a quick fancy flashback of the brownstone facilities of the old steel company, the pristine blacktop grey Rolls Royce Phantom, the roccoco wrought iron gates of the desolated palace, a pale glow shined on her flawless peach carnation face, but she nonetheless fell into a languid drowsiness.

Charles Pierre walked out at brisk pace and shouted out loud,

The gloom of a crispy foggy morning was only glazing on mute Caryatids standing here and there spread with grace in the sadden gardens by the sea.

NB: thanks media for the pic a Hadrien’s Villa. “Praxiteles Gala”by Roberto Fabris ©️RMF



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