another kind of english man, ziggy stardust and his saga, rip

I’m not sure it was spring or summer when Pierre C. came along with this beautiful and ambiguous cover vinyle, the David Bowie’s Hunky Dory. I was a teen, not a rebel kind of, quiet and good at school stuff, the only specific side of me being I loved clothes and fashion I still do, more style than fads today.

We didn’t really like the music, too wizardry some where. The point was we were quite interested and surprised by the whole new world of fantasy that Bowie brought along with his songs as young upper middle class boys, we call them jeunes gens de la petite (ou grande) bourgeoisie, according to some social standards, like the district of Paris you lived in, with our organized family lives, stately homes, boarding schools, 4 seasons vacation, etc.

David Bowie was disturbing and changed in his own manner the rest of our lives somehow, at least our music tastes. I never fancied the singer, but I kept 2 or three albums I still have them.rmf 

 #hunkydory #davidbowie #ziggystardust #vinyl #fashioninthe80ies #transgender


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