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starbucks_daegu_korea_IMG_3819  oh yes my first routine in the morning is simple I freshen up everything around from rooms to my apple devices, being a fashion designer apple’s comfy
and cos I have italian origins a freshly brewed coffee cup is the real start of the day, a morning treat a day

ah about blogs, this was easy when you own a name brand you should begin by trademarking this name, and when internet grew into a huge “locutorios” a global space for chat I was in

now what I wanted to share and still I do, is my fantastic collection of books about style and stylish people I like through space and times

so it was clear I should write and post on Google+, FB, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flipboard, Flickr, Canalblog and for any reason on my fav by date

let’s enjoy sharing images, ideas, emotions, rmf.

NB the truth is I would like to write oh no just to publish the novels I have being constantly re-writing since I was a teen


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