Charles James the genius, emotional, whimsical dressmaker

20140514-181348.jpg since the beginning of time (my time on earth) I was supposed to be a doctor in something maths, medecine, hitecs but I turned out to be a fashion designer, absolutely by chance, a catastrophy for my family, dad was a diplomat at large in Africa at this time.
Then I met the late Antonio Lopez aka Antonio, star of FIT, a great fashion illustrator of the 70/80ies, who discovered a texan cherokee descendant and truckdriver’s daughter the super model Jerry Hall later Mrs Mick Jagger, whom I knew from Paris before Antonio left back to New York where he was from, although he had portoricans origins.This meeting was meant to open me the doors of the secluded tho über-mediatic 7th Ave, aka Cut Throat Avenue, the epitome of fashion world back then.
Antonio did a lot of illustrations for Karl Lagerfeld at Chloé, Missoni, etc.And foor almost every single good glossy in the world from Vanity to Vogue and NYT
We did a couple of assignments for The New York Times together, me as a freelance assistant and soon after I worked with Gloria Vanderbilt, Anderson Copêr’s mom, Oleg Cassini and Diane von Furtsenberg, the wife of late Egon von Furstenberg, nephew to Gianni Agnelli Fiat mogul Olg Cassini a russian emigrate prince is known to have been the dressmaker to Jackie O as JFK was in charge at the White House
Finally Antonio who knew every one in La Mode, introduced me to Charles James in his Chelsea Hotel residence, where he was fitting his gorgeous eyecatching women eveninggowns on a male model called Juanito to whom years later I lent an apartment next to mine in the VIth arrondissement Rive Gauche in Paris.
Now that all those beautiful memorabilia are behind us, I am selling a vast collection of art books about photos, art and fashion like this wonderful hardcover coffee table book on Charles James, see the pic above, please feel free to join me through my gravatar for more infos


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