male model available in cube

brandon bailey by tran long
many young dudes want to model now, well in case they can’t get into a football, soccer or baseball team ah no not really for sportive reasons just to enjoy a dramatic life style in the kind of Real House Wives of Beverly Hills, luxury initially meant lux, light in latin and more spiritually, enlightment instead of the commonly admitted lavish shopping meaning of today
so the body-minded-oriented posture or imposture is becoming the ultimate frontier before what was called once a hooker penchant why is that so because first the youth goes opposite direction from conservative mentality of middle and upper-middle class second the new post babyboomers is physically taller and more fit thanks to the spa than the post 68′ babacool cohort into smoking pot + flowers + sex rather than drink + money + sex the post 2000 post 11 sept. generation


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