la vie de château the old french idiosyncratic dream

20140429-083650.jpg It’s called “walking with other’s people shoes” every single frenchy somehow dreams he will live in a castle one day like his ancestors did long time before, supposedly
the picture represents a typical provincial castle interior “dans son jus” means in a pristine condition, a colloquial expression used by realtors to describe authentic homestaging, although most of the interiors were refurbished during the XIX th century first because there was a revolution in 1789 in which a lot of heads were cut off and castle have disappeared vandalized by the folks and because nobles were to sell land, estates or furnitures including marble fireplaces or wall stuccos when they had money troubles, remember nobles in France could ‘t work at all it was forbidden to them by law, the situation explaining one good motive to tumble down this unproductive decadent social cast and replace it by new bourgeoisie the upcoming powerful working upper-middle class,
one may see on the photography an Aubusson tapestry (XVII th cent. or later) a flamish chandelier, a Louis armchair, a ormoulu roccoco console, an carpet stool, a old Louis smthg chest of drawers, flower stands said rafraîchissoirs, some dramatic drapes and curtains plus a barocco venitian mirror…everything in order to legitimate the nobility of the owner
This trend was fashionable during the revival of aristocracy called La Restauration around 1814 years by Boubon family, the Louis Period stays the ultimate when talking about haute style, and still strong nowadays among real socialite people


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