I don’t understand, and I am frightened by things I don’t understand.

Actually, this is very simple to understand. This device is one of the most remarkable developments of technology I have ever seen. You may see as something goofy or creepy, and yeah, it might look like it, but this robot was created to carry supplies and equipment that weigh hundreds of pounds for scientists who can’t easily carry all that themselves, even with dollies or carts. 

You see the snow and ice in the background? The robot is carrying all that weight in a snowy climate for some scientists. It stumbles and slips on the ice, but then it rights itself. Every time it’s just about to fall, it criss-crosses its legs and catches itself whereas someone like me would fall flat on his/her face. This robot is an outstanding AI model. It calculates where it is slipping and figures out exactly how to get back up.

Yeah it’s outstanding but god damn I can’t stop laughing at it jesus christ that’s hilarious look at it it nearly falls for like five whole seconds and I just can’t

Wow, the movement of its legs, even while slipping, looks very fluid and natural

spooky yet mesmerizing


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