Giorgio de Chirico

meta-physic painting story : M. whom I consider (one of) my best friend never realized his family had a Giorgio de Chirico, in the doorway leading to his child bedroom in his mother’s apartment in Milano and I mean a real one you know me. During the early XXth cent. the intellectual grand bourgeoisie in Italy (intellectual upper middle class) appreciated a lot the two brothers paintings, I named Giorgio de Chirico and quite fascinating brother Alberto Savinio, dixit a milanese friend of mine who is a scion of a writer family from the city of Ferrare, Giorgio Bassani’s own family, author of the stunning “romanzo di Ferrare” Gli Occhiali d’oro and the Vittorio De Sica film directed, the wonderful and dramatic Il Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, a gorgeous movie about the last quiet days of a rich jewish family in Ferrare during WW2


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