the world, the humans are changing fast, now women are the winners, sure nobody is losing after all (are men losers? no…), Vogue is proposing us its own rendition of the strong woman not of the 80ies as we knew it but of the ultimate 2012, with beautiful masculine London Olympics Gold US medalist Ryan Lochte as a dimunitive male silhouette compare to rather awful and scary skycraper-tall woman model, you pick! This should appear on the Ridiculist at AC360, the cute Anderson Cooper list. Please stop wearing Louboutin stale red soles and go back to wonderful Manolo Blahnik, Walter Steiger or vintage Roger Vivier (not the modern ones) ultra-feminine designs

well Lochte is still a hall-of-fame great swimmer. Forza America! Thanks to Condé Nast we appreciate anyhow, albeit I wonder if somehow fashion editors are really aware of what they are sending in term of image+message !!!#? :-) beside Cathy Horin of NYT, I appreciate a lot


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