Katsushika HOKUSAI (1760-1849)

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A newly discovered Hokusai painting showing falling maple leaves, pine needles and a rustic broom. Pine needles and a broom would suggest the Pine Trees of Takasago. Uba’s broom sweeping away evil – bringing good luck. But the painting suggests a Zen theme, the previous mount being in the Rinpo style for the Japanese tea ceremony. The painting is from his Taito period ( 1808 – 1820 ) when he was in his mid 50’s. Sumi and red on paper. Image size 11 x 39.5 in; 28 x 100.5 cms. In very good condition, remounted using fine Kano-style brocade and a futo-maki. New box. Signed Taito hitsu with Fumoto no sato seal, “Village at the foot of the mountain.” This seal is known to be associated with his Taito period and is on around six paintings. No Japanese artist was plagiarized to the extent that Hokusai was. Inumerable drawings, paintings and prints purporting to be by him are in circulation.

much thought-after satori broom


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